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Founded in 1932, CTA is a not-for-profit trade Association whose members are manufacturers, importers and distributors of toys, games, seasonal and hobby products. We are a 1.8 billion dollar industry in Canada. Through the Association, our members work together for the betterment of the industry. CTA provides a strong voice for the toy industry in Canada and internationally.



As members of the International Council of Toy Industries ( (ICTI), CTA has been involved in many international meetings and has enjoyed the interaction with colleagues from around the world where we share many similar challenges & problems. Many positive actions have come out of those meetings; the ICTI Code of Business Practice which supports good clean working conditions in factories and the abolishment of child labour that requires manufacturers to pay fair wages

The Association provides base assistance for inventors and a product resource for retailers. The office is a base for toy companies, media and government departments to obtain information on the industry. This CTA website is an excellent resource and well used. We provide an excellent Public Relations program for our members that advises media of industry issues, and promotes the Genius of Play.

Play is children’s work and toys are their tools, therefore it is important that these tools are safe. When it comes to toys or any children’s products the safety of children is paramount and is of the greatest importance to all members of CTA.





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