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Canadian Toy Industry Hall of Fame Inductees


This man built a mountain! Al Boxer had a vision when he approached Henry Hassenfeld (Alvin’s grandfather) 50 years ago and convinced him that he should represent Hassenfeld Brothers as their commissioned salesman in Canada. From this beginning an association began between the Hasbro family and Al and his wife Jeanette Boxer.

In 1960, after Mr. Boxer had started his own company, Alette Toys, he convinced Merril and Harold Hassenfeld to start manufacturing their toy line in Canada. With Jeanette’s inspiration, Al foresaw that with a lot of hard work, coupled with honesty and utmost integrity in all of his personal and business dealings and some very gutsy and big thinking, he could build this mountain.

Al Boxer committed his life to building Hasbro Canada Inc. into what it is today. His commitment to the toy business was his love and together with his wife, Jeanette, the love carried over and was dedicated to children’s causes around the world.




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