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Moe Smith is championed for his entrepreneurial sprit, which helped fuel the proliferation of the toy business in Canada. His long and successful career had its inauspicious start in 1945 in Montreal when he and his wife, Mildred made fur toys to be sold by “cigarette girls” in nightclubs. The success of this venture led him to form Moe Smith Sales, the holding company for a long chain of companies, which he would found. In 1949 he formed a partnership with the American enterprise Palmer Pann (Craft Master) to acquire the rights to manufacture and distribute Paint-by-Number in Canada, a product which he recognized would be a longstanding favourite with Canadians of all ages.

In 1955 Mr. Smith founded Lido Toys and turned it into the largest manufacturer of plastic toys by the time he sold it in 1964. He later amalgamated several other of his companies into Plastoy, the forerunner of Playtoy Industries Inc. now owned by his son Jerry Smith. In 1988 he sold his last company, Woodbridge Molded Products to devote himself entirely to his philanthropic work.

President of the CTMA from 1964 to 1966, Mr. Smith organized the first-ever international exhibit for Canadian toy manufacturers in London, England. As well, he organized the first committee to develop safety laws for toys in Canada.

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