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The Samuel brothers were industry groundbreakers in the areas of technical innovations and international marketing. SF Samuels founded Reliable Toy Company in 1920 and was soon joined by his brother Alex and later in 1932 by his youngest brother Ben Samuels. SF’s skills in sales and promotion led to exports of Reliable dolls to Britain, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand until the advent of World War Two ended Shipping opportunities. However, his efforts and the quality of Reliable toys laid the foundation for worldwide appreciation of the Canadian toy industry. Fueling Reliable’s success were the technical accomplishments overseen by Alex and Ben. In 1941, Reliable was the first toy company in Canada to use injection moulding techniques and later rotational casting. The company would make industry history again by being the first to use an assembly line system for the manufacture of dolls and toys. In 1959, SF and Ben Samuels were among the co-founders of Regal Toy, which continued to be innovative in manufacturing techniques.

SF and Alex Samuels were among the co-founders of the CTA and were instrumental in establishing an annual trade exhibition of toys in Canada. SF Samuels served as CTA President in 1935. Ben Samuels served as CTA President in 1979 and was actively involved in creating the safety code for toys.

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