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When Monica Law arrived in Canada from Austria at the age of 20 she landed her first job as stock control clerk for Mattel. Thirteen years later she was the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Driving her success was her incisive business acumen coupled with a genuine love of the world of toys, qualities that would become her trademark.

Ms. Law worked as Vice-President of Marketing and Sales for Aurora Products, where she was actively involved in product development before joining Kenner Parker. She moved from Vice-President of Marketing at Kenner Parker to General Manager, a position she continued to hold after the company expanded to become Kenner Parker Tonka Canada. In 1990, Ms. Law joined Fisher Price Canada as General Manager. Her finely honed business and leadership skills would lead her to become President of Fisher Price International before retiring from the industry in 1993.

Ms. Law made her first mark on the industry while at Mattel where she set up a field research division and introduced the new widespread practice of monitoring products at the retail level. Law was among the industry leaders who set new standards in the area of quality service for buyers and retailers, as well as for consumers. She is widely renowned for her commitment to team work and for sharing credit for success with all those with whom she worked. However, above all, she praises imaginative toys for providing her with a career’s worth of inspiration and joy. In 1992, Monica Law became the first female president of the CTA.

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