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A renowned ideas man, Ben Stein was the colourful Montreal innovator who was among the first to introduce rod hockey games to Canadians more than 40 years ago. A former sign maker, Mr. Stein embarked on what would be a long and memorable career in toys by producing tea-sets, sand buckets and other playthings during the lean war years. As an aggressive manufacturer, and self-admitted risk-taker, Mr. Stein embodied much of the spirit of invention that characterized the Canadian toy industry in its infancy.

His own company, Eagle Toys, which he would sell to Coleco in 1968, bounced from success to set-back to success as he boldly put innovative ideas into action. However, he secured its prosperity with rod hockey which was inspired by a Swedish design, and which won the endorsement of the NHL. Still, it is Ben Stein the man, rather than the manufacturer, who left a truly indelible mark on the industry. Ben and his wife Lil’s enduring legacy are the charitable contributions they have made and continue to make to young people whose education they have funded.





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