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In 1949, Mo Hamdon teamed with Albert Shaben to run Shaben & Hamdon, a wholesale company that first sold baskets and later toys and giftware across Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. But when the company began to concentrate on toys alone, Mr. Hamdon found his niche and business began to boom. Mr. Hamdon was renowned for his tremendous salesmanship, and he continued to exercise his skill in this area after becoming president of the company in 1963. “Fairness, honesty and integrity” were always his motto, and one that earned him the trust of his customers throughout Western Canada.

Indeed, Mr. Hamdon set new standards in customer service, and made it a policy to view business from the client’s point of view. But according to him, the rise of the company can be best attributed to the team spirit and dedication, beyond the call of duty, of those with whom he worked side-by-side. Like his brothers Sidney and Lew Hamdon and his partner Ed Shaben, Mo Hamdon lived and breathed the company, and by his own account, loved every minute of it. He equally enjoyed representing Irwin Toy Limited in Western Canada, which he did for over 30 years with his brother Sidney, even after the two sold their shares to Ed Shaben in 1980. Mr. Hamdon’s true appreciation of the toy industry underlined his career and served to enthuse his clients time and time again.

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