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Jack Harris is renowned for never shying away from a challenge. To the contrary, the president of Asia Pacific Region for Hasbro enjoys tackling the monumental. Indeed, in his own words, his current task is “not for the weak of heart”, but where Mr. Harris is concerned, that is not an issue. His trademark determination, vision for the future, and belief in limitless possibilities has fueled his career since he first began in the toy industry. In 1965, Mr. Harris started work with the Games Division of Somerville Industries. In 1978 he moved to Milton Bradley Canada as General Manager and seven years later joined Hasbro Canada as Vice-President of Operations. Jack Harris was a very active member of the executive of the Canadian Toy Association and was chairman from June 1985 until June 1987. He has left a lasting impression on the toy industry in Canada and continues his Canadian involvement on a professional basis from Hasbro’s Hong Kong facility.

Today, he is working toward the goal of positioning Hasbro as Asia’s premier toy supplier. To do so, he must combine his renowned innovative marketing flair with cultural sensitivity. Advertising and distribution infrastructures that drive sales elsewhere do not exist in the same way in the emerging markets of Asia. As well, blanket strategies are not effective in this region that stretches from Hong Kong to New Zealand, and includes a 1.6 billion population characterized by cultural diversity. Mr. Harris is also in charge of Hasbro’s Far East sourcing, a far flung operation responsible for the manufacture and shipping of thousands of products. His achievements in this area reflect his longheld belief in partnership and typically he credits others, including his staff, for company successes.

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