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Sidney Hamdon was 21 years old when he joined Shaben & Hamdon in 1949. He was brought into the business by his brother Allen (Mo) Hamdon and it proved to be one of Mo’s greatest moves. Starting out as a country salesman for the Edmonton-based wholesaler, Mr. Hamdon was made partner in 1950. Four years later he became a city salesman and eventually he went on to serve as buyer and manager. Mr. Hamdon was instrumental in bringing the first ball point pen to the West. He also played a key role in putting Shaben & Hamdon on the map. Sidney Hamdon, like other company partners, was well liked for his integrity and personal warmth by all of his suppliers.

Jack Kierstad, a former Vice President of Irwin Toy was among his business colleagues who viewed him as a friend, and so offered him the opportunity to be the exclusive Western distributor for what would be the first toy ever advertised on TV in Western Canada – John Nagy Learn to Draw. Taking an enormous risk, the small wholesale company bought an unprecedented 5000 pieces. Sure enough, thanks largely to John Nagy, Shaben & Hamdon skyrocketed to become the top toy wholesaler in Canada. But success didn’t change Hamdon’s congenial style. Indeed, the Hamdon hospitality is legendary in the industry, and the partners’ Christmas parties are still fondly remembered. In 1979, they sold the company to Ed Shaben and went on to represent Irwin Toy in Western Canada until 1995.



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