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After testing the waters for a few months, Sheldon Klein and his wife Doris packed their family (two children, Nancy age 6 and Steven age 3) and drove from New York City and officially crossed the Niagara Falls border on November 21, 1962. At that date, Shelly became the fifth employee of a group of companies that was to later become Hassenfeld Bros. (Canada) Ltd. and then Hasbro Canada Inc.


Shelly’s stay in Toronto was a relatively short two years as he was transferred to the Canadian head office in Montreal, to assume the position of head of sales for the growing company.


It was during the Canadian Toy Fair in Montreal on February 8, 1965 that Doris gave birth to their third child Elyssa, the only Canadian citizen by virtue of birth in their family.

Almost from the beginning, Shelly went on to play a major role in Hasbro’s Canadian business for 38 years. No one knows Hasbro Canada better than Shelly. He has held virtually every position in the company from Sales Representative to National Sales Manager to Vice President of Marketing and Sales. In 1978 he was appointed President of Hasbro Canada. And his leadership, spirit and achievements were further recognized in 1993 when he was promoted to President of Hasbro Canada/Latin America.


Shelly is a big-hearted, energetic and passionate man who loves toys and people (although not necessarily in that order). In a business known for its playfulness and imagination, Shelly is larger than life. His sense of humour is legendary in the toy industry, so is his commitment, vision and approach to business and life. He is loyal, honest and always speaks his mind. His employees consider him a mentor, an inspiration and most important, a friend. He was active in the Canadian Toy Association and served as its Chairman from 1996 to 1998 and as Past Chairman since 1998. Shelly also served on the Montreal Children’s Hospital board and as Director of Maccabi Canada. In addition, Shelly and his wife Doris have been actively involved in many charitable activities in Montreal and Canada. Sheldon Klein is a remarkable individual who guided Hasbro Canada from a small operation to one of the largest toy companies in Canada. His lasting and valuable contribution to the toy industry in Canada will be remembered for years to come.

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