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Answering a newspaper ad (in1959), Boyd Browne left the world of missiles and began his career in the toy industry. He joined Mattel Inc. in Hawthorne, California as Employment Manager, later moving from Personnel (H.R.) to Sales, going from Manager to Retail Merchandiser Trainee. He then held several sales management positions ending as head of L.A. Sales…a separate company project set up to evaluate the potential for a direct sales organization. (At that time Mattel used only private sales reps.) In 1966 Boyd was promoted to Vice-President, Sales and Marketing for Mattel Canada Ltd. This began his most productive and enjoyable Canadian experience.


Boyd was moved to London, England for a time, to help revive sagging sales in Europe. At his request, he returned to Canada in 1972 as President of Mattel Canada. During this period he served on the CTMA Board of Directors including terms as Vice-Chairman and Chairman. Boyd, Mac Irwin, and Tom Vernon teamed up to lead the effort to oppose Bill 101. Also, at this time, in an effort to improve children’s programming, Boyd founded the Children’s Broadcast Institute and served as its first chairman. The CBI was subsequently chaired and expanded by Mac Irwin.


Reacting to an “offer he couldn’t refuse”, Boyd joined Nabisco Products as subsidiary President and CEO of Aurora Products. Over the years he has held similar positions with several corporations including General Mills, Coca Cola, Columbia Pictures and CBS Inc. Then, recognizing he couldn’t hold a corporate job for long, Boyd joined in partnership with Tom Vernon in several private ventures. Tom’s untimely death remains one of the most sorrowful times in Boyd’s life.


Boyd finally retired (permanently) in 1990. He remains active in community service as County Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. He has also served on the board of the local community theatre for the last ten years…both producing and acting.

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