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Like many people, Jack’s toy career was not chosen, it was one of those twists in life, which made it just happen. While reading the newspaper want ads in 1962, Jack responded to an ad for a sales assistant wanted by a company named Eldon Industries. The name meant nothing, but a position in sales was the direction Jack wished to pursue.


After submitting a resume by mail, Jack received a phone call from Eldon and a series of interviews began, culminating with an interview by the President of Eldon, Mr. Dennis Tiberiis, a gentleman as it happened, who would precede him to the Toy Hall of Fame in 1994, unfortunately posthumously. Jack and a long time associate, Joe McNeill, had the honour of accepting his award on behalf of Dennis and the Tiberiis family.


Only after accepting the position with Eldon did Jack learn that a toy manufacturing company now employed him.

Jack’s position as a sales assistant at Eldon moved quickly – first he was given an outside sales position looking after the smaller toy accounts, which existed in Ontario at that time. Eventually he was given additional responsibility by working with the National account retailers many or most who have disappeared today – S.S. Kresge Co., F.W. Woolworth, Tower Department Stores, Stedman’s, Eaton’s, Sayvette and the Robert Simpson Co.


Over a period of time Eldon Industries became involved in office supplies and Jack was given the job of establishing Eldon in the office supply business, a name and company that still exists today. Another venture, which Eldon entered into and gave Jack the responsibility of opening up dealerships across Canada, was the Healthways Corporation – a leading US manufacturer of scuba diving equipment. Jack always felt he was given this responsibility due to his personal athletic image!


Eventually in 1973, still looking for higher personal achievements in the business world, Jack resigned from Eldon, which was recently acquired by Leisure Dynamics Inc., to form Toy-Sport Agencies with a long time friend, Russ Campbell. The partnership thrived through to Russ’s retirement in 1994 and now Toy-Sport has become solely operated by the Ward family.


Jack is still very active in sales and looks forward to lending his support and experience in the toy industry for the future on-going success of the company he founded.

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