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The Robertson Toy Story started as bushy haired and bright-eyed Don Robertson delivered mail quickly and on time at Wood Alexander and James (a toy wholesaler in Hamilton) early in 1936. Taking a break to serve his country for 4 years in the RCAF, he returned to work as a toy buyer at the same pay as when he delivered the mail. In 1956 he pulled up stakes and went to Montreal to work for United 5-1.00 Stores. When Steinberg Miracle Mart opened in 1960, Don Robertson became their first Toy and Sporting Goods buyer. Six years later in 1966 Don's first born, Bryan started selling GI Joe’s with Shelly Klein at Hassenfeld Bros.


In 1971 Don crossed the industry's floor and became a salesman with Dick Burton Sales and Tonka Canada. Not happy with only one son in the business, Don was pleased to see James Robertson, Don's second son become employed in Montreal as a Jr. Sales Representative with Dick Burton. Now there were three of them! Shortly thereafter Jimmy went to Ganz Bros. where he stayed for 11 years with Sam Ganz.


Bryan joined Lothrop and Lownds in 1971 and studiously learned the agency business. He was then on to Coleco Industries as Sales Manager and then to Alderbrook Industries and John Rice - a giant in the import business. In 1980 Bryan joined Majorette Toy as managing director and then as managing director of Strombecker Canada in 1999.


James, after Ganz Bros., spent valuable time with L & M Distributors, Milton Bradley and Tonka Canada and then started his own agency in 1986 selling Imperial Toy and Shillman products. There he joined forces with Brian Hodge, Bruce Hampson and Michel Poulin and formed Funrise Canada and TNT Toy Sales.

The Robertson family started in toys 67 years ago, and the story is far from over after 115 collective years. They have impacted many companies and individual lives. They have all supported the CTA and have given as much back to the toy industry as they have taken. Everyone who knows this family of "Toy merchants" has been touched with their sincerity, sense of humour and dedication.

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