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Ray Bayard started his career in the toy business in Montreal at the age of 22, when he was employed as a commission salesman by R. Duranleau Inc., a wholesaler of notions, small-wares, Christmas decorations and toys.
Following 6 years of loyal service with them, an opportunity to join the toy business was offered to Ray by Louis Marx to represent them in the Quebec territory. Five years later, Dick Burton approached Ray to join his sales force with Reliable Toys, then owned by the Samuels Family.
It was a call from Dennis Tiberiis that set a new road for Ray and a new company, when Dennis asked Ray if he would be interested in working with him at Eldon, later to become Leisure Dynamics. Ray accepted the job under one condition, that he would represent them as an independent sales rep with the possibility of representing other company non-competitives in the toy industry. Ray Bayard Agencies then became a fact.
Later, Ray’s son Luc joined the Ray Bayard Agencies at the age of 20 and is now operating the business in a fashion that makes his father very proud of him.
For many years (49) and not over yet, Ray represented many toy & Christmas decoration companies in Quebec . Many of them were managed in Canada by famous Canadian Toy Industry Hall of Famers such as: Dick Burton, Vic Bertrand, Peter Turvey, Harvey Albert, John Rice, Dennis Tiberiis and Jim Rayburn along with many other great toy people.

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