FTC to Hold Public Meeting on New Recommendations for Protecting Kids from Misleading Online Ads

September 12, 2023 | The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will hold a virtual public meeting on Thursday, September 14 that will address the issue of protecting kids from “stealth advertising” in digital media. This practice refers to the subtle integration of advertising into content, which can make it difficult for young audiences to discern between genuine information and persuasive marketing.

During the meeting, the FTC will vote on whether to release staff recommendations on the blurring line between advertising and content in digital media and its impact on children and teens. The recommendations would build upon an event held last October where staff examined research, identified potential risks to kids, and explored potential solutions. The outcome of the vote will determine the release of guidelines aimed at protecting young audiences from deceptive advertising practices in digital media.

The Toy Association™ previously submitted comments to the FTC on this topic. Staff will continue to monitor the situation and update members with any developments.

A link to the event will be available on the day of the open meeting shortly before it starts on the FTC homepage. Click here to view more information about the meeting.

Members may reach out to The Toy Association’s Jennifer Gibbons, senior vice president of government affairs, about the Toy Association’s comments to FTC and any other questions on this topic.