Protecting Your Company is Our Priority: Webinar to Provide Overview of Toy Association’s Advocacy Work

stock image of kid wearing superhero costumeMay 22, 2024 | An upcoming Toy Association webinar will provide participants with an overview and understanding of the legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts Association staff undertake on behalf of members and the industry at large.

Taking place Thursday, June 20 at 2 p.m. (Eastern), “Advocacy 101: An Introduction to The Toy Association’s Advocacy Program” will showcase how The Toy Association’s global government & regulatory affairs team works to protect and promote all businesses in the toy industry. The session will also explain how and why play professionals should be involved in the many legislative-related committees at the Association if they aren’t already. This webinar will also:

  • Inform participants of the role and importance of advocacy in business today.
  • Educate participants on:
    • How a bill becomes a law
    • How The Toy Association works with members to develop policy priorities
    • How the Association impacts legislation, proactively and reactively
    • How staff engages in the regulatory process
    • How the Association can assist with regulatory compliance
  • Show participants how they can get involved to be in a better position to help their company and to maximize their membership.

Registration is now open. The webinar will be moderated by Ed Desmond, executive vice president of global government & regulatory affairs, and presented by The Toy Association’s global government & regulatory affairs team.

Toy professionals from Toy Association member companies are welcome to join at no cost; it is specifically recommended for those who needs to know how government action can help, hurt, and in some cases, destroy their business.

Questions about this webinar and other educational opportunities The Toy Association offers may be directed to Anne McConnell, senior director of market research & educational initiatives.